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polycarboxylate superplasticizer

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NOF®- AS03
Product description

Product Description

This product is a water-soluble concrete admixture, major part of which is polycarboxylate polymer. It provides functions of high range water reduction, excellent slump retention, low shrinkage and high strength. It can be added to different strength grade concrete, especially for the concrete of high strength, self-compacting, high durability and performance. This product accords with GB8076-2008, JG/T233 first-class standards, and also satisfies the No. [2005]101 Specification of National Ministry of Railways.



High range water reduction: 25~40%

High slump retention and guaranteed slump range, small rate of slump loss

The significant enhancement effect to concrete hardening

Well workability, no segregation, no bleeding and high pumpability

No chlorine, low alkalis

Air content can be adjusted by project requirements

Significant improvement in preventing freezing, segregation, carbonization and shrinkage, the life time of concrete is extended greatly


Fields of Application

All grades of pumping concrete and economical concrete for long-distance transport High strength concrete, flowing concrete, self-compacting concrete, mass concrete, high performance concrete and clear water concrete structures.

All sorts of industrial and civil building projects, high-compressive-strength concrete structures, especially in large scale concrete structures, which require the high durability of concrete.

Produce large-scale prestressed concrete beam or board, and steam curing concrete etc.

Physical properties
















Dosage: 0.6~1.2% of total cementitious materials. Increase dosage to 1.0~2.0% when manufacture the high-compressive-strength concrete.

The optimum mix design needs to be determined by the requirements of the project, specialties of materials and mixture tests before usage.

Can not be mixed with naphthalene-based admixture; the compatibility of combination with other admixtures needs to be conformed by mix tests.

The factors, which include the amount of mud in sand and grave, the variation of admixture quality, can affect water reducing performance of this product in a big range.



200kg P.E. drum or IBC Tank

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